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Review: Sony PSP 3000

01 Dec 08

The PSP 3000 is Sony’s latest portable gaming system that kids of all ages will be nagging Santa for this Christmas. It’s the third version of the popular handheld console after last year’s PSP Slim model. Boasting a brighter display, improved audio-visual output and a lighter casing, the PSP 3000 certainly does make a difference on the graphics front (and to the weight of your bag).

Pros: Now more than just a handheld game console, the PSP 3000 has more functions than its predecessor with the in-built ability to use Skype. The brighter graphics display makes a huge difference to your gaming experience.

Cons: It can’t really be classified as a major overhaul of the system since it retains most of the basic functionality of the PSP Slim.

Verdict: A definite buy for those seeking a versatile handheld console that can do almost everything and deliver sleek, crisp graphics for your gaming or movie watching. However, there’s no real incentive for current owners to upgrade, as older PSPs should be good for a few years yet.