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Review: Trend Micro Maximum Security 2014 Mac

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 is not just an antivirus, but offers a range of cloud based protection for your Windows PC, Macintosh computer or Android device.

The software allows for installation on 3 devices so can easily cover a family's devices. I tested the Mac version as I've been guilty of not having a solution to protect my Mac!

Macs are being seen more and more in enterprise and home environments. With people using iOS devices, moving to Macs is easier. Their long life span and high resale value mean they are a popular choice.

This does mean that they are becoming more of a target of attackers. Trend Micro's Titanium Maximum Security 2014 moves the protection away from being the processor hungry protection of old, to a new cloud based system that identifies attacks before they even arrive on your computer.

Windows devices benefit from a secure vault to store your sensitive information that's remotely lockable, 5GB of online storage, secure erasing of files and data theft protection.

For Macs, Trend provide real time online and offline protection. Historically, Macs haven't been attacked, however as they grow in popularity, they need a solution that fits seamlessly.


* Simple and quick to install

* Browser plugin that keeps you safe whilst you're on the net

* Detailed reports on attempted attacks

* Real time updates to capture the latest threats


* Not as many features for a Mac as Windows

Macs haven't been the target for online attackers, but as they increase in popularity and with the amount of sensitive information we store on our computers grows, Trend Micro have come up with a great product that you can use across devices.

Moving a lot of the resource hungry processing to the Cloud, Trend Micro have come up with a great product and one I'm happy to be protecting my online life!

Rating 3.5/5