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Review: Tricky Towers on PS4 is really difficult but fun
Thu, 28th Jul 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

There are a lot of Tetris style clones out there, but Tricky Towers is different because it only utilises the same blocks. Instead of the goal of destroying the blocks, this game forces you to stack them hence why it's called Tricky Towers.  There are three main game modes in this game and all of them offer different styles of gameplay. Some of the game modes are harder than others, but it's a great title to play if you want to really test out your brain. I would even go as far as saying this game is way harder than a normal game of Tetris. First up there is the Race mode where you have to build a tall tower within a certain time limit that is usually around 90 seconds long. The first few levels of the Race mode are easy because you can rotate the Tetris blocks in normal fashion. Things start to get trickier the more you play in this mode because you have these wizards on the side trying to sabotage your progress. They can transform the blocks into ice which in turn makes the base of your tower slippery. They can even make the blocks bigger to make life even harder for you. If your tower falls, you have to start all over again. Next up you have the Survival mode which is arguably the most difficult mode of the entire game. This is because you only have three lives and if any block falls, you lose one of them. In order to win in this mode, you have to use a certain quota of blocks. For example, the wizard can give you 30 blocks to stack up and you have to use them all without dying three times. The thing that makes this mode trickier than the Race mode is the obstacles that the wizard throws at you. Sometimes he can add a lock to the Tetris pieces so may not be able to rotate the pieces into place. Other times he may add fog so you cannot see where to position the blocks and so forth. I died many times in this mode and even spent 45 minutes on one puzzle and still failed... Lastly there is the Puzzle mode which is my favourite in Tricky Towers. Here you have to position the blocks below a laser created by sun rays. It's kind of like cramming in the Tetris blocks into a small box. You have to rotate the blocks and find the best ways in order to make sure none of the pieces stick out. However, the Puzzle mode could be the hardest one for other gamers since you have to use all of the pieces or else it is game over. One wrong move in this mode and you have to start all over again. Even though I enjoyed this mode more than the others, I still spent around 45 minutes or more on one puzzle to solve them... Another great thing I like about this game is how generous it is with its content. The main single player campaign has 50 trials in total plus one mode all “Endless”. I spent 6 hours just unlocking the first 40 levels and have yet to even get up to stage 50. It's quite addictive as you have the incentive to keep trying over and over again. This game also offers two-player VS modes that you can play both online and offline. The VS modes still offer Race, Puzzle and Survival but they are set in a more competitive format. Even though I spent several hours playing the single player mode, I spent countless more hours playing this game against my brother. Aside from the addictive gameplay, the visual and audio presentation of this game is to be admired too. I liked the simplistic cartoon-style graphics and the background music reminded me of my childhood as it sounded similar to games such as Ape Escape and Crash Bandicoot. Overall, Tricky Towers is a really fun and addicting puzzle game that is enjoyable both by yourself or with a friend. Despite the game being difficult, it never gets too frustrating for you to give up. The game encourages you to never give up. Verdict: 8.5/10