02 Nov 2011
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Rihanna downloads could cost users - Updated

The first sign of action under the controversial Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act has taken place, exactly two months after it came into force.

The Dominion Post reports that ISP Orcon has received six infringement notices from the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand, and will now be sending detection notices to the six customers in question.

Under the law, nicknamed the Skynet law, up to three notices can be issued to customers warning their infringements have been detected. If they continue to infringe, the case can be taken to the Copyright Tribunal, which can impose a fine of up to $15,000.

Five of the six infringements relate to downloads of music by R & B star Rihanna.

The move comes as debate over copyright enforcement heats up in the US, where the Stop Online Piracy Act was introduced to the House of Representatives last week.

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Update: Telecom, Vodafone and TelstraClear have all joined Orcon in confirming they have received infringement notices from the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand.

Telecom has reportedly received 42 notices, and TelstraClear 27. Vodafone has not indicated a figure, saying only 'a few'.

Like Orcon, the majority of the Telecom notices relate the music of R & B singer, Rihanna. A handful related to Lady Gaga, and one to Taio Cruz.

Customers should be receiving warnings from the ISPs in the next seven days. One of the main criticisms of the bill is that warnings are issued to the account holder, meaning parents or business owners could receive the notices without having had any knowledge of the activity.

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