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RIM releases PlayBook OS 2.0

22 Feb 2012

BlackBerry makers Research In Motion (RIM) have released the first major update for their PlayBook tablet operating system, addressing many of the shortcomings of the initial release.

PlayBook OS 2.0 now includes a native email client, including a unified inbox that consolidates messages from personal and work accounts as well as social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

These networks have also been integrated with the PlayBook’s Calendar and Contact apps, another feature that users now expect as standard.

To address the limited number of apps available for the tablet, RIM has updated the BlackBerry App World market with thousands of Android apps that have been adapted to run on the PlayBook. 

The company is also launching a BlackBerry Video Store, although access to this is limited to US customers, with other regions to be added later this year.

In another nice touch, BlackBerry Bridge – the app that lets a user link their PlayBook to their BlackBerry smartphone – has been enhanced so that the BlackBerry can be used as a wireless keyboard and mouse input for the tablet.

It all sounds good, but the international press have mostly described the update as too little, too late, especially considering the huge strides competitors have taken in the ten months since the PlayBook was first introduced. There’s also a fair chance Apple will release a new iPad next month, which is going to make it really tough to attract attention.

Will the new OS make you re-consider buying a PlayBook? Post your comments below.