29 Sep 2010
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RIM to offer free analytics service

RIM and Webtrends are working together on launching free enterprise-class analytics for the BlackBerry developer community under the BlackBerry Analytics Service moniker.

The mobile analytics service will tell developers how customers user their apps and how companies can evolve their apps to drive loyalty, increased use and revenue.

“Feedback from our customers and development partners has always shaped our BlackBerry products and services, and so we understand the need for deep, rich and accurate analytics. We also know that access to such metrics is a top priority for BlackBerry developers as they try to make their applications stand out in an increasingly crowded market,” said Curtis Sasaki, Vice President, Product Management at Research In Motion. “With just a few lines of code, developers can add Webtrends analytics and gain access to a very broad range of insightful measurements.”

Using the Webtrends SDK, RIM says developers can integrate tracking into their applications to capture events deemed relevant.

Developers can then track application use, frequency of use, loyalty of users, screens accessed and features used. The Mobile Analytics platform aims to help developers better understand adoption and allows them to measure success.

The BlackBerry Analytics Service will be freely available to the BlackBerry developer community in early 2011.

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