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Riot Games to run 'Ocean Week' event for League of Legends players
Tue, 19th Jan 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

If you play League of Legends, you will be happy to know that Riot Games is holding a special "Ocean Week" event to be played on Oceanic servers. This "Ocean Week" is a special in-game event for League of Legends that will be held between January 23rd until January 31st. It will be played via Oceanic servers.

Summoners are being called upon to defend seven cities across Oceania from a mysterious, marine terror fast approaching our Southern shores. Thousands of players are expected to enlist to protect the seven key locations:

  • Battle 1 (January 23 - 24): Melbourne
  • Battle 2 (January 25): Perth
  • Battle 3 (January 26): Adelaide
  • Battle 4 (January 27): Auckland
  • Battle 5 (January 28): Suva (Fiji)
  • Battle 6 (January 29): Brisbane
  • Battle 7 (January 30 - 31): Sydney

There will be a points total telling you what you need to reach to successfully defend your city. A new reward tier gets unlocked for every city that is saved. If all the cities are saved, the grand prize will be unlocked. The grand prize is a community mural with your summoner name featured in a major city in Oceania.