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RockMelt Beta 2 out now

14 Apr 2011

RockMelt is a new browser that aims to make it easy to stay in touch with friends, search online, and get updates from your favourite websites.

The developers behind the browser say they’ve shipped 20 updates since November and that the RockMelt Beta 2 is the most significant revision so far.

The latest version fixes 78 bugs and features better integration of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. 

"One thing we’re really proud of is how much people actually use RockMelt,” the team said in an update. 

"People use RockMelt for more than six hours each day to share links, get quick previews with the search box, stay updated with App Edge notifications, and chat from the Friend Edge. RockMelt Beta 2 doubles down on some of those features making them faster, easier and better.”

"We’ll start updating users to RockMelt Beta 2 today and everybody should have it in a week or so,” said the team

Bugs fixed include: 

Improved support for Chrome themes

Fixed issue with the Twitter App not displaying notifications for new tweets

Fixed issues with audio playback when watching videos inside the Twitter App

Improved reliability of sync for feeds

Improved overall RSS feed reliability

Fixed several causes of crashes

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