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Samsung reveals their latest consumer AI projects

Samsung announced that it will showcase three new C-Lab (Creative Lab) projects based on artificial intelligence.

The three new C-Lab projects are Toonsquare, Aurora and GADGET.

Toonsquare is an artificial intelligence application which automatically converts a sentence into a cartoon, allowing users to easily make their own cartoons. 

The app first allows users to choose a character from the pre-sets the app offers or create a character based on pictures of themselves. 

Second, the app analyses text put in by the user to figure out the emotion and movements implied in the sentence. 

It then recommends proper facial expressions as well as appropriate gestures of the character. 

Backgrounds, fonts, and speech bubbles can also be customised to create a cartoon or a picture diary.

Aurora is a smartphone app and deck that shows a visualised 3D character assistant, enabling users to interact with the assistant. 

While existing voice assistants provide the information only with voice, Aurora gives intuitive user experience by giving information visually onto the display of the device.

Aurora also recognises gestures and the location of the user through the camera of the smartphone, allowing for a more intuitive interface.

GADGET is a real-time ad auction platform for in-game ads. 

Most in-game ads are pop-up or interstitial ads which tend to interfere with gamers’ experiences. 

GADGET helps the ads blend into the game by serving them as native objects in areas like billboards in the background. 

Game developers can easily import the GADGET plug-in to place ads with just a few clicks. 

Ads are sold to advertisers real-time via the automated trading platform. 

The ad content is updated in real-time, interfacing with the GADGET server, and can be targeted based on gamers’ preferences.

Out off all of these reveals I think the last one has me most interested and scared, as it could set a dangerous precedent for gaming companies.  

Since its SXSW debut in 2015, C-Lab has introduced various projects in the field of music, art, and interactive technologies, to validating business opportunities and getting user feedback to refine the prototypes to reach market fit.

Samsung VP Jaiil Lee says, “The majority of ideas that have been proposed recently aim to utilise artificial intelligence to solve inconveniences in daily life.

“We hope to see these ideas in action in the near future."

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