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Samsung SMART signage aims to transform the shopping experience
Mon, 19th Mar 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Samsung introduced a host of next-generation SMART signage solutions poised to bring about the shopping experience of the future for consumers.

Particularly, Samsung highlighted the potential application of its new technologies to the hypermarket, fashion and food and beverage (F-B) shopping sectors.

In the potential fashion or cosmetic store of the future, with Samsung SMART signage solutions and MagicInfo, a user could encounter a cosmetic display at the store entrance.

Once a camera on the display gathers information on which products the particular customer may be most interested in, the display will show relevant information about the products.

The user will also receive various other information such as the main ingredients, price and make-up style of the cosmetic products.

In short, with MagicInfo, stores will supposedly be able to provide a more tailored shopping experience for the consumer, as well collection of more detailed preferences of customers, allowing more effective store management and monitoring.

For the F-B space, MagicInfo offers the possibility of diverse smart functions.

For example, at a restaurant or cafeteria, when customers select their food choice from the product display, the display screen will provide information about the food, including price and even nutritional information.

Also, NFC tagging will give easy access to sales and special event information.

Samsung demonstrated that these technologies are far closer than we realise.

In the near future, the shopping experience as we currently know could dramatically change.

It will be exciting to see what's next, with Samsung supposedly committed to making a better experience for consumers.

You can watch a video on the smart display here: