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Samsung unveils progressive Gauss AI model at AI forum 2023
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

Samsung is positioning itself comfortably within the sphere of AI consumer technology as it introduces a generative AI model named Samsung Gauss. This model has been developed in-house and was first unveiled at the Samsung AI forum 2023. It is being heralded as a progressive step forward in the field of AI technology.

Samsung Gauss is named after the legendary mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, whose theory is widely regarded as the cornerstone of machine learning and AI technology. The model is divided into three key components: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image, embodying Samsung's ultimate vision to utilise comprehensive knowledge of the world to harness the power of AI for consumer benefit.

Samsung Gauss Language is a generative language model that significantly enhances work efficiency. It assists with tasks such as composing emails, summarising documents, and translating content. When integrated into products, it also enhances consumer experience by enabling smarter device control.

The second component, Samsung Gauss Code, is optimised for in-house software development. Through this, a coding assistant, known as code.i, allows developers to code quickly and easily. This part of the model further facilitates seamless software development with features including code description and test case generation, via an interactive interface.

The third component, Samsung Gauss Image, is a generative image model that provides an easy platform for generating and editing creative images. This includes making style changes and additions, as well as having the ability to convert low-resolution images into high resolution format.

Samsung Gauss is currently utilised to enhance employee productivity, with plans to expand its application across a variety of Samsung products to provide an innovative user experience in the near future.

Alongside the introduction of Samsung Gauss, the company has previewed the upcoming AI Live Translate Call. This feature acts as a personal translator built into the latest Galaxy AI phone. Boasting integration into the phone's native call feature, it signals the end of dependence on third-party apps for translation of text or live phone calls. Real-time audio and text translations are displayed as the user speaks, simplifying communication with non-native speakers.

In its drive to develop AI technologies, Samsung remains committed to ensuring safe AI usage. The company's AI Red Team is responsible for proactively identifying and monitoring potential security and privacy issues that may arise through the entire AI development and deployment process. This is done while keeping the principles of AI ethics at the forefront.

Samsung has reaffirmed its commitment to producing breakthrough experiences that foster real connection and open up new possibilities right from users' phones, suggesting this is just a taste of what's still to come.