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Say hello to 4D sound with the F.R.E.Q. 4D headset

Mad Catz Interactive has announced that the F.R.E.Q. 4D Gaming Headset for Windows PC and Smart Devices will be available from 14 March.

The F.R.E.Q. 4D is the first Mad Catz headset to feature ViviTouch 4D Sound. Designed to add a new dimension of sound perception to the gaming experience, ViviTouch 4D Sound combines muscular bass with sensory feedback, producing an actual physical sensation to the gaming audio.

So basically the headset vibrates and reacts to in game situations in much the same way that your controller provbides feedback when there is an explosion or you take a hit in game.

I must admit the headset was a little strange at first but after a week I was playing every PC game I own through the headset.

The microphone and voice playback are both crystal clear, so communicating with team mates and listening to in game sounds is not an issue.

The headset itself is also very confortable if a little unorthodox looking and obviously a lot larger than your standard default headset - but for the extra size you are treated to a full and rich 4D experience.

In addition to gaming use, the F.R.E.Q. 4D is equally at home with movies or music, featuring multiple EQ settings and a detachable in-line cable which allows for easy conversion from USB to 3.5mm to support standard stereo audio on iPhone, tablets and most smart devices.

Exciting news - there is also a Titanfall edition of this headset to coincide with the games release - you can pre-order the headset from Mighty Ape.

Would you buy a F.R.E.Q. 4D headset? Tell us your thoughts below.