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Show me the money: NZ First calls out Government on education spending

By Shannon Williams, Mon 12 Oct 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

New Zealand First is questioning whether the Government is spending as much on education as it says it is.

According to the political party, the Government claims it is spending ‘more money than ever’ on education, but NZ First is wondering where that money has gone as parents ‘struggle to afford’ schooling.

 “Today’s ASG Parents’ Report Card shows parents are finding they don’t have enough money to meet the increasing financial needs of their children’s education,” says Tracey Martin, New Zealand First’s Education spokesperson.

“Parents are being asked to fund their child's ‘free’ education in greater and greater amounts and this needs to be addressed urgently,” she says.

“The Government trumpets that it’s putting more money in education but if parents are worried about funding their children’s education, where are the millions going?

“Perhaps on mopping up the Novopay debacle? Revamps of the Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour scheme and truancy programmes, the PACT tool and selling National Standards to parents?” Martin says.

“New Zealanders’ long held belief that their children are entitled to a free education, no matter how much parents earn, is clearly taking a hammering under the National Government.

“Today’s Parents’ Report Card proves it’s time for the government to get back to the basics and provide a solid, affordable education for New Zealand children and their families,” says Martin.

“New Zealand First would work with the sector to immediately review the cost of delivering our world class New Zealand Curriculum.”

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