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Singstar Queen

Who could forget the pop-star phenomenon that was Queen? I’m betting there won’t be very many fans of music in general who won’t like at least one of their songs, and that’s what makes this game particularly appealing to a wider audience.

That said, Freddie Mercury’s vocal range is probably going to be a real challenge for most of us social crooners to deal with. If you’re a Queen fan, then you’re probably already wondering how you’re going to hit most of those notes without breaking something in the process. I know I am, but hey, that’s half the fun! What’s a good SingStar game without the challenge?

Having played most of the SingStar games, one of the standout factors of SingStar Queen is the presentation of the game. The menus have all had a serious facelift and look extremely polished. With video clips of the band playing in the background and the songs easily accessible via the main menu.

SingStar is a simulation game that is suitable for all ages and requires game peripherals (namely microphones). Obviously, existing SingStar owners will already be all kitted out to play. Once you’ve got the game and the peripherals, you’re set to launch your Freddie Mercury impersonation career.

The scoring system for SingStar integrates several levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. The object of the game is to hit the notes on time and on key by following the words from the song onscreen (much like karaoke) in time to a pattern that displays for each song. If you hit the notes correctly, you gain points.

The fantastic thing about SingStar Queen is that it features all the hits Queen are known for, including all of their music videos (up-scaled to high definition) as well! It's hard to find a song that you won't want to try.

I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of SingStar: Queen, and like SingStar: Abba before it, if you’re a fan, you will more than enjoy this addition to the series.

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