28 Sep 2010
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SKY and Orcon partner for online TV

After Orcon named Alcatel-Lucent’s Velocix platform for a range of future online video services, the company has said it will support SKY’s online TV service, iSKY.

iSKY will let SKY subscribers access SKY content from their computers, and is set to go live before Christmas.

The CDN will employ Alcatel-Lucent’s next-generation Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform, and is underpinned by Kordia’s nationwide data network. Ultimately the CDN will peer openly with any broadband service provider, and be able to support any content provider.

“Put simply, the Velocix technology enables us to build a network that supports the distribution of high quality internet-based video,” said Charlie Boyd, Orcon’s head of wholesale. “We install Velocix technology at strategic points on the Kordia network around the country, and use these points to stream data from.

“Ultimately this is about getting content housed closer to the end user, reducing the cost to access it and reducing the price to consumers.

“As streaming TV websites and video-on-demand grow in popularity, the amount of online video watched by broadband users is growing at an incredible rate. By leveraging Velocix, we can offer content providers a local CDN solution that meets their specific requirements, with the assurance of knowing Velocix’s technology and services are proven by telcos and broadcasters around the world.”

Vodafone has also signed an iSKY deal but Vodafone has said it will customers to stream SKY TV over the internet at home at no additional cost.

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