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Slingshot re-launches limitless broadband

01 Aug 2011

High-volume downloaders are again being targeted by Slingshot, with the re-launch of its All You Can Eat unlimited broadband plan.

Slingshot says the plan will be available to its first 5000 new customers before the end of September. Although customers will need to sign a 12-month contract, the first six months will be half-price, as the launch of the plan coincides with an already-running half-price broadband deal.

Scott Page, Slingshot general manager, says some unlimited broadband customers regularly download more than a Terabyte of data each month.

"Video games, social networking, maps and other content on the internet can chew through large amounts of data very quickly,” Page says, "and can result in a large bill or a slowed broadband experience.

"When we first introduced the plan our customers really responded to the price certainty the plan offers, and showed clearly that many customers value download capacity over a peak speed.”