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Slingshot up, Orcon down in ISP speed tests

16 May 2012

Slingshot has managed to reverse its downward trend in webpage download performance, the latest figures from ISP monitoring company TrueNet show, although Orcon has been unable to do the same.

Both companies had been experiencing drops in speed since the beginning of the year. However, while Slingshot recorded an improvement, from 1.6 seconds to download a set webpage in March to 1.4 last month, Orcon continued to fall, from 1.2 to 1.8.

TelstraClear Cable continued to be the top performer, followed by Vodafone and Telecom. All were under 0.5 seconds to download the page, with TelstraClear DSL just outside that in fourth.

WorldxChange was steady on around 1.25 seconds, while Snap has been improving slowly but is still only just under 2 seconds.

TrueNet has also offers a comparison of each ISP’s download speed with their advertised speed, spread out over the course of a day.

While TelstraClear Cable dominates this test, never dropping below 105% of its advertised speed even at the peak time of 8pm, TelstraClear DSL dropped to below 80% of its advertised speed at peak.

Orcon also suffered a drop at the peak time, falling to 85% of its advertised speed. The other ISPs showed only slight drops from their advertised speeds.

TrueNet is still looking for volunteers to improve its measurements, across all ISPs excluding Telecom. Go here for more.