17 Sep 2013
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#Socialmediaruinedmylife – How not to regret using social media

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Have you ever regretted your post on social media?

According to a poll Trend Micro conducted with Cint USA last month, 24% of people said they have social media regrets, and may have removed their posts as well.

Rightly so, as many have ruined their reputations and damaged their careers after posting inappropriate material on social networks.

There are many examples that include politicians, movie and sports stars, teachers, police officers, and even fast food restaurant employees.

The problem of exposing too much information may continue to plague social media users, as 36% of poll respondents said they have seen something they regard as inappropriate on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

It’s not easy to manage who can see your personal information on social media, as the sites and privacy settings get updated so regularly.

As evidence of this difficulty (or apathy), only 24% of Facebook users change their privacy settings each month or more often.

This is great news for identity thieves trolling social media sites looking for exposed profiles. There’s one identity fraud victim in the US every three seconds.

There are several areas of online security that need to be addressed in order for you to fully enjoy your digital life safely. They are:

1) Securing your privacy to avoid identity theft

2) Keeping you and your family safe from hackers, cybercriminals, and online bullies or predators

3) Protecting all your devices and digital files, including photos, music, videos, and financial records

Shannon McCarty-Caplan - Consumer Security Advocate (Trend Micro)

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