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Sony announces the WF-SP800N Sport headphones

Fri, 8th May 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

It's with excitement that I note Sony has slated May 8 as the release of the WF-SP800N, their newest wireless noise cancelling model. These are designed for the active wearer, reminding me that in Level 2 I'll be joyously returning to my beloved gym. How I've managed to maintain my weight over lockdown remains a mystery to me, but my physiotherapist has contacted me by video-conference regularly, and her last workout would have had my trainer Kristina beaming with pride. But I digress.

Sony's headset looks geared towards my fellow active-wearers, with a design that will cope with sweaty bodies like mine and still keep on working happily. Promising a battery life of up to nine hours between charges, you will likely want to keep wearing them after your workout, especially when you see some of their noise-cancelling features.

When reading about Sony's graduated levels of noise-cancelling, my thoughts naturally turned to my (very happy) marriage.  I'm informed that I share a trait common to many of my gender. Apparently I can hear the sound of a packet of peanut M-Ms being opened at the other end of the house, but completely miss a spoken request to go and check the washing.  Sony's explanation brought this oft-repeated, (apparently, but I haven't heard it before today) discussion.

Boost the beat with noise cancelling and EXTRA BASS

Sony says the WF-SP800N can block out distractions like street noise. The EXTRA BASS technology “delivers powerful, punchy, low-end sound, helping users power through their work or workout,” according to their press release.

360 Reality Audio Compatibility: This works with your Android or Apple smartphone when you're using a streaming services app. You can customise your experience to your personal tastes by using the Sony Headphones Connect app.

Fingertip Control: If someone does catch your attention and wants to chat, you can use fingertip controls. Simply place a finger on the right earbud and then turn down the volume by placing a finger on the left earbud. This feature instantly turns down the volume, letting the ambient sound in.

Wearing detection: You can leave your earbuds in while you chat. If you do need to take out the earbuds, your music will automatically pause. It will automatically resume when you put the earbud back in.

Voice Assistant: You can use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Sony says it means that you can “enjoy entertainment, connect with friends, get information, listen to music and notifications, set reminders and more.

The WF-SP800N will be available in New Zealand for a suggested retail price of $499.95, with availability to be confirmed.

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