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Sphero buys littleBits to create new ways of inspiring kids in STEM
Mon, 26th Aug 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Sphero has set its sights on electronics company littleBits to create a whole new era of play-based technology learning for children.

Sphero will purchase littleBits in order to further the companies' common mission: to inspire the creators and inventors of tomorrow.

According to Sphero, the two companies have each created entirely new ways of teaching children science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) through technology and playtime.

Together, the two companies have inspired six million students and 65,000 teachers across the world, resulting in more than $500,000 million in sales of both Sphero robots and littleBits kits.

“Sphero and littleBits are on a mission to make hands-on learning fun and memorable,” says Sphero CEO Paul Berberian.

“Together, we're able to make an even greater impact by delivering the best possible solution — whether it is programming a robot to solve a maze or building an electronic music synthesizer. There are infinite learning possibilities — and they're all fun.

Sphero will use its own products and littleBits line to reach teachers, with more than 140 patents in robotics, electronics, software, and the internet of things.

Teachers will have access to hundreds of thousands of community-generated inventions and activities, and over a thousand lessons tied to NGSS, CSTA and Common Core standards.

Sphero and littleBits will also rally their enthusiastic and loyal networks of distinguished educators around the world that they've cultivated through their ambassador programs – with over 67 Sphero Heroes and 50 littleBits Bitstar Educators.

According to a Harris poll, 91% of teachers say they would like to integrate more hands-on learning in their classes, and research shows that students who enjoy weekly hands-on learning activities fare 40-70% better in science, math and other subjects.

“When I studied engineering, it was top down, test-based,” says littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir, who will move on from littleBits to create her next adventure.

“I hated it and wanted to quit every semester. Then I got exposed to the pedagogy of learning through play and my life changed; no one could peel me away from learning, inventing, creating. Together, littleBits and Sphero are now bringing this experience to kids everywhere.

Sphero has been inspiring the creators of tomorrow through creative learning and play since 2010. From its humble beginnings in the United States, Sphero has become the #1 robot in education, available in 40,000+ schools, clubs and institutions globally. With new offerings coming out all the time to help kids start, grow, and graduate with Sphero, our robots and products truly go #BeyondCode.