31 Mar 2017
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Te Papa's new lab to host exciting holiday programme

By Matthew Bain

The recently unveiled Hīnātore learning lab will be at the centre of the Te Papa’s April school holiday programme.

The lab’s cutting edge new gear will let kids learn to use a range of immersive technologies. Head of Learning Innovation Miri Young says the programme is designed for kids to have fun while they learn.

“Whether kids are creating your own stop-animation movie using Lego, inventing a new musical instrument or building a robot that can create a piece of art, the programme will offer children the chance to flex their creative muscles.”

The upcoming sessions hosted in the lab are a chance for Te Papa’s specialists to really show off the new facility, which the museum has invested $495,000 into. Young says their experts are ready to impress.

“Each session is led by our Learning and Museum Education Specialists. They will be ready to have some meaningful, challenging and engaging fun with the learners,”

The exciting new programme will have sessions run across the April holidays. Tuesday, April 18 to Friday, April 28.

Tuesday, April 18 – Maker Day Put together an animated movie, zoom around the world using virtual reality, or even create a real drone that flies.

Wednesday, April 19 – Trash to Tunes Music-Making Workshop (with Capital E) Explore sound, create instruments from recycled materials, and digitally record a music track. Plus, design an album cover and explore how to add visuals to the track.

Thursday, April 20 – Game Makers Explore different styles of analogue and digital games to design, develop, play, and take home.

Friday, April 21 – Design and Make Flying Machines Create a flying fleet. Craft a kite, fold a world-record-breaking paper plane, design a rocket, and build and crash a Lego drone.

Monday, April 24 – Smart Art Build a robot that scribbles, make an artwork using sand and a light box, and try sculpting in virtual reality.

Wednesday, April 26 – Virtual Reality Video Makers Complete a series of film-making challenges. Choose one challenge and become an expert in a day, or get a taste of them all.

Thursday, April 27 – 3D and Virtual Reality Designers Design and build a 3D world. Make a Minecraft Te Papa, go virtual hang-gliding, try 3D printing, and more.

Friday, April 28 – Virtual Reality Play Create a world of pixels. Make a 360-degree video, fly in a virtual environment where you can fire rockets, and more.

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