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Techday FAQ: Submitting products for review

22 Mar 2019

Below are the key questions we get asked frequently about our reviewing procedures and policies.

We write sponsored and unsponsored reviews primarily on consumer technology. Our reviews are a great way of receiving coverage and can include images, features, specifications, a description of the product in-use and more. Techday endeavours to ensure the review process is fair and based on genuine hands-on testing.

What’s the difference between sponsored and unsponsored reviews?

For unsponsored reviews, there is no guarantee we will review your product, and aside from loan agreements, no correspondence will be entered into.

For sponsored reviews, we agree to review your chosen product and will send you a draft version of the article before it goes live so you can suggest changes.

Which publications do you accept review product for?

We consider reviews for a range of our brands, particularly FutureFive, NetGuide, GameConsole and ChannelLife.

We do not review enterprise technology as we don't have the right environment or technical experience to fully test the more complex solutions. Our reviewers are average consumers.

What are the timeframes for loans and publishing articles?

We work to have loan items back to you within two weeks. We can consider a shorter timeframe if need be. Finalising the article and publishing it on online may take longer than the loan period.

Can I see examples of recent reviews?

Yes, all of our reviews can be found here, in reverse chronological order.

What happens to the reviewed product?

Generally speaking, products under $500 will be kept by Techday or the reviewer.

For sponsored stories, you can request to have the product returned to you.

Which countries do you accept reviews from?

We have reviewers in Australia and New Zealand. Although review units can be sent from anywhere in the world, as long as all freight, customers and clearance fees are covered by the submitter.

How do I arrange a review?

For sponsored and unsponsored reviews, complete the form here.

Our review co-ordinator will register all review products in our tracking system.

We then offer the review out to our team of reviewers. Once confirmed who will review your product, you will be sent the address to courier the item to.


If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to assist, contact your digital account manager or contact us here.

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