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TechDay's Cybersecurity in Aotearoa project selected for NZ On Air Public Interest Journalism Fund
Tue, 20th Jul 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

TechDay's focus on cybersecurity is about to become even sharper, thanks to a funding boost from the Government and NZ On Air.

The $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund is managed by NZ On Air and is designed to promote public interest journalism in New Zealand.

NZ On Air received 123 applications for its first funding round, which focused on project and industry development. TechDay was amongst 15 national projects selected in this round and will receive up to $73,152.

Cybersecurity In Aotearoa will span TechDay's six New Zealand sites: SecurityBrief New Zealand, CFOtech New Zealand, IT Brief New Zealand, eCommerceNews New Zealand, ChannelLife New Zealand, and FutureFive New Zealand.

"We're super excited to have been selected by the New Zealand Government as part of Public Interest Journalism Fund. The project is a great opportunity to put more time into in-depth journalism. Our TechDay business generally works on a fast news basis, with 450-word stories syndicated across our network of 16 sites," says TechDay's Publisher Sean Mitchell.

Cybersecurity in Aotearoa will involve 1,000 word stories, based on interviews, and give us more time to investigate thoroughly."

TechDay is one of only two business media firms and the only technology media firm selected for funding in this round.

TechDay's Managing Editor Sara Barker adds that Cybersecurity in Aotearoa will cover issues that matter to all New Zealanders, including businesses and people of all ages.

"As New Zealand moves to an increasingly digital way of life, cybersecurity has never been more important.

“We want to go beyond the dramatic headlines, assumptions and knee-jerk reactions that you often see in the media. We will deliver thought-provoking coverage with real-world advice and commentary from security experts, and stories from people just like you and me.

TechDay thanks NZ On Air and the Government for recognising the need for New Zealand-focused security news.

Check out TechDay's New Zealand sites here.

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