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The apps I can't live without...
Tue, 2nd Sep 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

I don’t like clutter and I’m constantly deleting things off my iPhone that I don’t need.

My apps are organised in categories and based on how often I use them. Then I have a folder called “crap” for things I hardly ever use or can’t delete because my phone won’t let me.

There are several downloaded apps I have on my phone that I couldn’t function without. This doesn’t include email, texting or calling, which are all vital tools of a smartphone.

These are apps that I have downloaded that I use every day, and my phone would feel useless without them.


I’m a part of that group who hates Facebook but uses and checks it several times a day. I can’t help it. It has become an important part of communicating with my friends and family.

If I don’t check Facebook, I feel as though I don’t know what is going on in the world of my friends.

My banking app

I recently switched to TSB from ANZ, and while I miss ANZ terribly, I still use the TSB banking app constantly. I hardly ever use internet banking (in fact I don’t even know how to use the TSB one) and rely on the app to do all of my transactions (especially since I have to transfer money constantly from one account to the other because I have to use my joint account Eftpos card until TSB sends me out my new personal Eftpos card – hurry up TSB).


I don’t know what I did before I had Spotify. It is the best thing to ever have happened to the universe. I listen to it all day long. I hop in the car and it’s the first thing I do (gotta have good tunes on the dreaded ride to work). Spotify has introduced me to fabulous new things and has reunited me with old friends. I love you Spotify.


Sometimes when I read a book, I get so obsessed with it that I can’t think of anything else. I’m in that weird club of geeks that get so into books, that when I’m out, I want to go home so I can keep reading my book (I've actually left a party for that exact reason, and I’m not even sorry).

Kindle has allowed me to ‘keep reading’ at all times of the day. I read my Kindle in the bathroom at work. I read it while I’m cooking dinner.

I read it while I am stuck in traffic or waiting for someone in the car. And having it right on my phone means I don’t have to bring my actual Kindle with me all the time (I save it for holidays now).

Stuff and/or The Herald

Although Stuff is my go-to news site, I generally check out both of these news apps at regular intervals. Having the apps right there on your phone means keeping up to date with what’s going on is easy.

They update often and they both have easy-to-use interfaces, so checking the news is enjoyable.

Runners up...

Trademe: I go through Trademe phases, which is the only reason it’s not in the Top 5. The app is fantastic and when I’m going through a phase I use it regularly.

Snapchat: I tend to Snap more often then I text lately, but purely out of boredom. Snapchat is good because the subject matter is silly and fun. I send daily Haikus to my friends and it’s hilarious.

Instagram: Instagram was this close to making the top five, but I just don’t use it as often as the ones that did make it. Instagram is still one of my favourites because it allows people to be creative and it’s a platform without words and opinions and nonsense. Love it.