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The Galaxy Gear Arrives - what's the verdict?

09 Sep 2013

Samsung's new Smart Gear watch doesn't really impress

It wasn’t even a kept secret, but now it’s officially announced. September 4th was the launch date for the Galaxy Gear. The somewhat quirky smartwatch from Samsung. It’s a phone (when paired with your Galaxy phone), it’s a watch, it has a speaker. It does voice memos, it’s got a camera and of course it does notifications.

More applications are in the works, but over 70 apps are already available for the 320x320 800mhz single-core cpu watch. The watch will retail for $299 USD from early october, but you're going to need a samsung smart watch to pair to it, making it a considerable investment

The verge are quoted as saying that after a hands on : “One thing the gear has in common with other smartwatches: It’s not very smart”. Waxing lyrical at the slow speed of the unit as well as the lack of intuitiveness in it’s user interface. They say that the speaker is also too quiet to be useful for making calls and listening to audio in anywhere but the quietest of places.