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The Matrix: Path of Neo

01 Dec 2005

Let’s get your burning question out of the way first: yes, Path of Neo is better than Enter the Matrix. Many times better. It’s the Matrix game that Matrix fans have been wanting since they first saw Mr. Anderson swallow the red pill, finally allowing you to play as Neo and pull off all those physics-defying moves on the way to becoming The One. Be warned, though: the game takes an age to get going. If you’re hoping to launch straight into light-speed fist-fights with Agents or absurdly gymnastic gun-battles, you’ll be disappointed. Instead there’s a dream sequence that’s used to determine the rest of the game’s difficulty level, a stealthy level in which you escape the Agents at Anderson’s workplace, followed by what seems like an endless string of training missions – but they do teach you all the basics of combat.

Your perseverance will eventually pay off, because the more moves you master the better the game gets. The fights are just incredible - anything you’ve seen in the three films can be recreated perfectly here. So you can do that move from the lobby shootout where Neo runs up the SWAT team member’s body and kicks him in the face. You can replicate Agent Smith’s fast-moving fists in the fight against Neo in the subway station. Or you can make things more complicated and run along a wall, spring off it and fly into an enemy, smash them into the opposite wall or ceiling and then shoot them when they’re stunned on the ground. It’s credit to the game that you won’t get tired of seeing the same animations and slow-mo cut-aways. For the most part the missions follow the film trilogy and fit in all the major setpieces - that lobby shootout, the rooftop battle, the ‘Burly Brawl’, the chateau swordfight - all as you’d expect. However - don’t expect to understand The Architect any better than before and the final climax of the game is very different to those who know the movies. Path of Neo is the game that all Matrix fans have been begging for and although it has some glitches – its still better than taking the blue pill.