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There's an app for that: 5 of the weirdest apps on iTunes

These days there’s an app for everything, including some that are downright weird and can help you nap at work, find the perfect watermelon or learn how to play the harmonica.

Cat Selfie is an app to help you get snaps of, you guessed it, your cat. “Works great for your babies and toddlers too!” the description reads.

Basically, you put your iPhone, iPod or iPad on the group and the app will show a bouncing laser. The idea is your cat will chase the laser and every time they touch the screen they will take a photo. This is what technology has been leading up to.

Do you ever find yourself searching endlessly for the perfect watermelon, only to be let down time and time again? Check out the Melon Meter app. And maybe rethink your priorities.

Apparently, when you thump a melon with your hand it produces a distinct sound that can be analysed and used to find out whether a melon is ready to eat. Melon Meter analyses this sound and decides whether this is the one for you.

The team behind Melon Meter say they have used ‘real science’ to create the app. It took two years of research and development to create a software algorithm to analyse the decay rate, aka how long it takes for the sound to end, to determine how ready the melon in question is.

Say goodbye to mushy overripe fruit and frustratingly firm under ripe melons and enter a world where they're all just right. Beautiful.

Hello Cow is a picture of a shaggy chestnut cow that ‘moos’ when you touch her. That’s it. What more could you want?

iNap@Work could be your partner in crime if you find yourself snoozing at work but constantly get caught.

While you sleep the app will play random office sounds such as typing, mouse clicks and paper shuffling, lulling your employees into thinking you’re busy working furiously while you're having your power nap.

Each sound can be adjusted to suit your work environment and task, and it also includes human sounds such as sniffing and throat clearing. If you’re a snorer more drastic measures may have to be taken.

The Harmonica app teaches you how to play the humble harmonica. With the app you play a genuine 10-hole diatonic harmonica by blowing or drawing on your iPhone.

Learn some tunes and begin your career as a blues musician – you’ll be the next George “Harmonica” Smith before you know it.