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TikTok surpasses 40 million daily active users
Wed, 4th Mar 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Popular video-sharing service TikTok has surpassed 40 million daily active users (DAUs), according to new research.

Data gathered by Learnbonds.com indicates in January 2020 TikTok had 41.27 million DAUs across both iOS and Android platforms.

This represents the rapid spread in global popularity the app has seen in the last few months, and the statistics spell an all-time record for DAUs for the app.

TikTok is enormously popular with teenagers of all genders, with a presence in 155 countries.

The service allows users to post short videos, usually 15 seconds long in what is known as fast entertainment. 

Vast majority of DAUs on Android

According to Learnbonds.com, of the 40 million DAUs present on TikTok, a staggering 33.01 million, or 80%, are Android users as opposed to iOS as of January.

There was a growth of about 2.8% from December 2019's 32.07 million users, and a 16% growth in the year between Januray 2019 and this year.

But in the three years since the launch of the TikTok Android application in January 2017, DAUs have grown by a staggering 87.5%.

For Apple users, TikTok's iOS application has also witnessed a steady growth registering 8.26 million daily active users on both iPad and iPhone.

The figures represent a growth of 11.74% from the December 2019's 7.29 million DAUs.

There is, however, a large gap in the growth of DAUs since app creation between Android and iOS, with the iOS application only growing by 25% since launching in January 2017, compared the almost 90% seen with Android.

Penetration in the US market

Despite being a popular application globally, TikTok has seen significant growth in the US market.

By projection, TikTok is expected to grow by 18% from 2019's 37.2 million users. In the next four years, TikTok's US users are set to be 60.3 million.

Gender is relatively evenly balanced while age range diversifies

On the Android platform, 56.5% of users are female while 43.5% are male.

Young people dominate the app, with TikTok's US android users aged between 10-19 years represent 37.2% of total users.

“A review of the TikTok US daily active users shows a majority are under Generation Z, mostly teenagers,” the report says.

Despite a heavy youth presence, the app is increasingly being taken up by older users.

TikTok Android DAUs aged 30-39 represented 16.7% of total users in January.

Users aged between 40-49 years old represent 13.8% of total users, with the oldest generation on the platform, aged 50 years and more, making up 5.6%, according to the research.