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Tilt / Shift

If you’re anything other than a die-hard photographer or Photoshop junkie, you’ve probably never heard of the ‘tilt/shift’ effect.
Well, wonder no more. The tilt/shift effect is a photo manipulation that takes a photograph of something very big (say, a photo of the Grand Canyon) and makes it look like something very small (say, a clay model of the Grand Canyon).
It works by forcing an unnatural blur onto the edges of your photo, thereby creating the effect of macro (or close-up) photography. It sounds pretty cheesy, but the effects are striking (go to tinyurl.com/50tilts for some stunning examples).
So now that you know what it is, you’re itching to give it a go, right? Well, until recently, the only way to do it was by buying a copy of Photoshop and walking through some painstaking tutorials, but not anymore.
Create your own tilt/shift effects, quickly, easily and with no download, simply by going to tiltshiftmaker.com.
Upload your pic and fiddle with the controls and you’ll know just how Gulliver felt.

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