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Top 4 worlds coming to life in breathtaking VR
Tue, 20th Jun 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

At E3 2017, VR was one of the most exciting items on display.

After some huge successes early in 2017, VR has gained a lot of traction.

Now a lot of big companies are beginning to dip their toes into what could be the future of gaming and entertainment as a whole.

Bethesda and Ubisoft are two of the largest companies rolling out their own VR games.

Depending on how well these perform it could be the start of a whole new era of entertainment.

Here's FutureFive's top picks for VR games with massive potential:


Last year's critically acclaimed DOOM will be one of three Bethesda titles to get the VR treatment.

This action horror game will take players on a visceral journey through hell.

This game is perfectly suited to players who enjoy a bit of gore, jump scares and big guns.

Robert Duffy, CTO at id Software states that, “Developing a DOOM game specifically for virtual reality has provided an exciting opportunity to not only surround players with the world of DOOM like never before, but also let them experience and explore the UAC and Hell in new ways, playing as new characters with totally unique tools and abilities.

Doom VR is set to release late 2017.

Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 is the second instalment in the Fallout series directly developed by Bethesda.

It is a massive open world game, with elements of crafting and exploring.

It primarily relies on first person combat mechanics, however there are also some tower defence elements.

The game offers players an immense post-apocalyptic world to explore with stunning visuals.

The well rounded game-play means that Fallout 4 VR would appeal to most players who are fond of role-playing.

It offers a ton of quests and an in depth crafting system that has been optimised for VR.

Star Trek bridge crew

Star Trek bridge crew is one of the most involved VR games announced and is primarily focused on multiplayer.

It is being developed by Ubisoft and has already been released for the Oculus Rift.

The game puts players in the shoes of the red shirts, blue shirts and yellow shirts and in control of a Starfleet cruiser.

The game relies on players working well together to operate the massive vessel and boldly go where no man has gone before.

Players can choose from a variety of roles including, captain, engineer and systems officer.

The game is perfectly suited for players who enjoy well coordinated team work.

Star Trek bridge crew offers a unique adventure that will take players throughout the known galaxy and beyond.

Skyrim VR

Skyrim is the critically acclaimed RPG by Bethesda.

With the successful release of the remaster, Skyrim is now also receiving the VR treatment.

The game offers an expansive fantasy world where players can partake in everything from large scale battles to drinking and dancing in the tavern.

Skyrim revolves around immersing players in the world and allowing them to find their own way through it, the conversion to VR will serve to enhance this experience.

Skyrim VR is perfect for fans of fantasy who want to experience a rich and vibrant world through their own eyes.

These are just a few of the big VR titles that have been announced, undoubtedly there are more titles to come.

The price of VR headsets is still quite high, however these upcoming AAA titles could be exactly what VR needs to build up its user base.