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Toy tablets coming to New Zealand

01 Dec 2011

Owners of iPads or other tablets will no doubt have learned (possibly the hard way) that the devices act as magnets for curious children. This can be a serious problem – particularly if the tablet belongs to your work.Luckily, kiwi toy distributors Planet Fun are bringing a special tablet designed specifically for children to our shores, just in time for Christmas.The LeapFrog LeapPad is designed for children from four to nine years old, and boasts 2GB of memory, a 5-inch touch screen, a built-in camera and over 100 apps and games that can be downloaded via PC. Planet Fun CEO, Jeremy Kirk-Smith, says the LeapPad is encased in protective plastic, and has a bright, colourful user interface with a virtual pet that greets kids when they sign on. "Children are incredibly technology-savvy these days,” Kirk-Smith says. "The LeapFrog LeapPad gives them all the fun of using the technology that Mum and Dad have, but in an age-appropriate way.”

The device doesn’t offer direct access to the internet, keeping children safe from questionable content and will retail for $249.