01 Oct 2010
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Trade Me Jobs to overtake Seek - Updated

Trade Me has said that over 1.3 million people visited a job board last month, marking a 35% jump since August last year.

“August 2010 goes down in the record books as the biggest month to date,” the company said.

Bigger than that though is the expectation that Trade Me’s Jobs section will soon overtake Seek in terms of visits.

The company says that the frequency of people visiting Trade Me Jobs was relatively low which was “unsurprising given we looked to target a more passive job seeker market than our competitors.”

That’s changed though. “We've seen the frequency climb substantially which suggests active job seekers are using the site more regularly. We're currently about 1% behind Seek and expect to pass them on this metric before the year is out.”

Do you prefer Trade Me Jobs or Seek? Or don’t you care as long as you get a job?

Update: Seek has responded to Trade Me's claim saying it caused much head-scratching at Seek HQ. Full story here.

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