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Trend Micro Home Network Security - giving frazzled parents everywhere just that much more peace of mind

18 Jun 2020

Simply plug into your router to protect and prevent your Internet-connected devices from being hacked.

Trend Micro is always innovating, it appears. I’ve enjoyed trialling some of their software, and have been impressed at the interface, the ease of finding my way around, and the features it provides that offer a reasonable degree of safety from malicious attacks from the outside world. 

Being childfree, I’m spared the sleepless nights of worry as to what those precious offspring are being exposed to. Your digitally native darlings face temptation, cyber-bullying and even darker threats at every turn in the information super-highway.

Trend Micro has announced the launch of Trend Micro Guardian, an app which “enhances the parental controls features of Home Network Security and extends the coverage to outside the home. This allows parental control features, including time limits, to go beyond the house to anywhere kids might travel, on their phone or tablet”.
Trend Micro Guardian:

  • Filters inappropriate web content
  • Blocks inappropriate websites on your child’s phone
  • Allows parents to monitor and receive alerts in real-time
  • Prevents attempts to remove or uninstall it from a device without authentication
  • Works on any network, across 4G/5G and WiFi

Trend Micro APAC consumer managing director Tim Falinski says, “Many parents have expressed to us their concern about their child’s internet access, both inside and outside the home. We developed the Trend Micro Guardian app to take the benefits of Home Network Security out the front door and help give parents peace-of-mind and the freedom for their kids to use their digital devices in a safe and responsible way.”

“Using an app gives parents extra visibility without being intrusive, helping them to manage their kids’ exposure to excess social media time, inappropriate content or tackle issues around cyberbullying. With widespread online access, as nearly 8 in 10 children in New Zealand have access to the internet when they want or need to, it’s important for parents to foster safe online activity.”

Users with a Home Network Security station (from RRP$199) and valid subscription can access the Trend Micro Guardian app, with all current customers being provided with this feature at no additional charge. The app is available via both Google Play and the Apple App Store, with parental access via the Home Network Security app.

Decades of teaching ICT taught me that our youngsters are adept at finding workarounds when sites are blocked. Trend Micro makes it almost impossible to remove its software unless you’re a parent that uses their favourite child’s name as a password on everything. In that case, nothing will save you from your stupidity. Let’s assume you’re a little savvier, and you’re concerned about keeping your loved ones safe. Trend Micro’s app will sit in the background and give you peace of mind that you can keep your home network and your mobile devices protected.

The cover even extends to smart home devices and gaming consoles. Parental control also gives you the ability to check up on the little angel’s online activity no matter where they roam.

Voice Control even allows you to pause internet access via Google Assistant or Alexa. You can even set time limits for your children, thus ensuring that not all their waking time is devoted to saving the galaxy. You can control everything from your own device, whether at home or elsewhere.

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