23 Aug 2017
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Turn your smart home into a giant battery with Wi-Charge

By Jacques-Pierre (JP) Dumas

Wi-Charge enables long-range wireless power for a wide range of products, meaning you can say goodbye to the mess of wires under your bed.

The world is becoming more wireless and interconnected with each passing day. 

Mobile technologies are a part of almost every single aspect of everyday life, so it is pretty devastating when those devices decide to suddenly lose power.

Wi-Charge is a wireless power transfer technology that provides a unique solution for a wide range of applications.

Wi-Charge keeps smartphones, tablets, wireless sensors and other smart devices topped up with a constant stream of power.

The Wi-Charge product line offers seamless integration to power devices wirelessly from meters away.

Wi-Charge’s technology is unique in its ability to deliver useful power over long distances efficiently and safely.

Power is delivered using infrared beams of light.

The transmitter emits focused, safe infrared beams that carry power to receivers.

The receiver unit then captures the light from the transmitter and converts it to electrical power using a photovoltaic cell, just like the way that solar panels convert sunlight into electricity.

Power is delivered over the air by a virtual photonic power cord.

The process of client identification and power delivery is performed automatically without any user intervention.

The mobile-phone user simply enters the room and the transmitter will automatically find it and begin charging it.

The receiver is detectable by the transmitter even if the device’s battery is drained, and it will stop charging the device once the battery is full.

To ensure steady power delivery, each Wi-Charge receiver is equipped with an energy storage buffer that automatically bridges sporadic interruptions.

Wi-Charge is an Israeli technology startup and their device has captured the minds of consumers and companies around the world. 

The product is set to enter its beta phase soon.

You can watch the product promo trailer here:​

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