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TVNZ launches Ondemand app

28 Feb 2013

TVNZ has launched it's Ondemand app, available free from the iTunes App Store.

Including the iPad, the iPhone and iPod touch, the app allows customers to download content straight to their phone, taking in all of TVNZ's Ondemand services.

The app is currently supported on the iPhone 3G and above, iPod Touch, and the original iPad and above, and is available immediately.

According to TVNZ, watching online videos on the app uses a lot less data than many people thin, with a 10GB datacap, you could watch more than 60 half-hour shows per month across the service.

The app delivers the best picture quality possible - at any given moment - based on the bandwidth available to your device meaning the amount of data you use per video viewed may vary.

As a guide, and assuming that you have a fast internet connection, you may use the below amounts of data:

* 22 minute video (a half-hour episode on TV) - up to 161MB* 44 minute video (a 1 hour episode on TV) - up to 322MB

So watching a 22 minute video on the app will use less than 2% of a monthly 10GB data allowance.

TVNZ's initial iPad application became the number one free app at the iTunes Store after it's launch late last year.

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