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TVNZ6 NetGuide Schools Multimedia Challenge 2010 winners announced!

12 Nov 2010

Judging is now finished for the TVNZ6 NetGuide Schools Multimedia Challenge 2010 and we can finally announce the winners!

Picking a winner was no easy task for our judges – the standard was unfalteringly high. Well done to everyone that took part. We were blown away by your work.

A big ‘thank you’ goes out to all of the sponsors who made this year’s event possible. And of course much love to all the teachers who got behind this event and encouraged their students to get involved and go the  distance.

So without further ado here are the winners. Pat yourselves on the back and take a bow. You deserve it.


Primary Team

Winner: www.wizzpopbangscienceforkids.co.nz

School: Greenpark Primary SchoolCreators: Emma Mabbott, Ela Grimwood, Dael Summerhays-Sunnex

“A very fun site. Love the roll-over effects.”

2nd Place: www.foramessage.weebly.com

School: Marshall Laing Primary School

Creators: Karan Kalsi, Enoch Shi, Kieren Chhiba

3rd Place: india-rocks.wikispaces.com

School: Bailey Road Primary and Intermediate

Creators: Priyasha Prasad, Sheetel Ramrakah, Akansha Kumar

Primary Class 

Winner www.carolinesclass.posterous.com

School: Paremata School

Creators: Room 10 Paremata School

“A great catalogue of students’ work. Good podcast use case.”

2nd place www.e-learning.net.nz/tuatara/index.html

School: Victory Primary School

Creators: Room 14

3rd place www.aps.school.nz/gardens/

School: Auckland Point School, Nelson

Creators: St Vincent Class

Intermediate Individual

Winner www.wix.com/taylorb29/our-every-day-heroes

School: Tauranga Intermediate

Creator: Taylor Birks-Stock

“A seamless user interface. Welldone!”

2nd place www.wix.com/543ewq/draft1

School: Remuera Intermediate School

Creator: Delan Li

3rd place statgraphs.webatu.com/home.html

School: Remuera Intermediate School

Creator: Luka Cosic

Intermediate Team

Winner www.wix.com/matyda/chinaschildpoverty

School: Tauranga Intermediate

Creators: Dan Song, Madison Gartner, Tyla Gartner

“Very good research topic.”

2nd place www.wix.com/blackcaps123/orphans1

School: Tauranga Intermediate

Creators: Jaryd Gordon, Todd Yaxley

3rd place www.wix.com/moepap/are-you-being-ripped-off

School: Pukekohe Intermediate

Creators: Olivia Andrew, Madeleine Park, Erica Petty

Secondary Individual

Winner www.anzac.gravel.co.nz

School: St Paul's Collegiate School

Creator: Sam Hogg

“Love the panoramic display, site of the competition! Very well done!”

2nd place intranet.papanui.school.nz/csm/bennehen

School: Papanui High School

Creator: Henry Bennett

3rd place personalresponse.leadhoster.com

School: Hillcrest High School

Creator: Naomi Kumar

Secondary Team

Winner mail.heretaunga.school.nz:8123

School: Heretaunga College

Creators: Luke Edwards, Oliver Ewert, Callum Upton.

“Impressive use of the JQuery framework, creative and one of the top sites of the challenge!”

2nd place www.wix.com/jazzminni/People-Like-Us

School: Samuel Marsden Collegiate School Whitby

Creators: Jasmine Conroy, Georga Johnson, Katie de Ruiter.

3rd place biosecurity.weebly.com

School: Diocesan School for Girls

Creators: Tegan Johnson, Fran Allison, Yazdine Choksi.


Primary Team

Winner tinyurl.com/278mmv9

School: Te Kura o Hiruharama

Creators: Turanga Hema, Kokouri Ratima, Dylan Te Maro.

“Creative multimedia, gives it a definite look and feel. Really good music.”

2nd place tinyurl.com/24qptfx

School: Russell Street School

Creators: Ella Marshall Y5, Madeline Clayton-Smith Y5, Alice Plier Y5.

3rd place tinyurl.com/2fb8u5u

School: Paihia School

Creators: Angus Duckett, Ngati Hau, Alex Pattison.

Primary Class

Winner tinyurl.com/2359pwp

School: Te Kura o Hiruharama

Creators: Room 5

“Fantastic claymation and story.”

2nd place tinyurl.com/29zdp2w

School: Kaurihohore School – Room 10

Creators: Room 10

3rd place tinyurl.com/2d73j5k

School: Freeville School

Creators: Room 5/Environmental Insiders

Intermediate Individual

Winner tinyurl.com/2favlmx

School: Bucklands Beach Intermediate

Creator: Saffron Huang

“Interesting camera angles and sound effects. Really creative.”

2nd place tinyurl.com/239obvl

School: Mercury Bay Area School

Creator:Rose Selby

3rd place tinyurl.com/2f3luux

School: Bucklands Beach Intermediate

Creator: Cherry Chu

Intermediate Team

Winner tinyurl.com/295qwyq

School: Nelson Boys Preparatory School

Creators: Barrett, Duncan Murray, Sam Fu-Allen.

“Topical and works as a comprehensive package.”

2nd place tinyurl.com/259ytnx

School: Cobham Intermediate

Creators: Jack Whittam, Sophia Davies, Chris Seong.

3rd place tinyurl.com/2b9wwkr

School: Nelson Boys Preparatory School

Creators: Brandon Murray, Alex Bennett, James Newport.

Secondary Individual

Winner tinyurl.com/22umqns

School: Carmel College

Creator: Jaymee McNab

“A very original and creative piece with good music accompaniment – very well done!”

2nd place tinyurl.com/2fmbaoh

School: Hillcrest High School

Creator: Shawn Yang

3rd place tinyurl.com/29umkyh

School: Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

Creator: Sabrina Koh

Secondary Team

Winner tinyurl.com/28jl5jr

School: Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

Creators: Eleanor Cook, Madison Williams, Selen Soylemezoglu

“A great message charmingly presented.”

2nd place tinyurl.com/24z48p8

School: Heretaunga College

Creators: Alvin Warmerdam, Jesse Wood, Cameron Gardyne.

3rd place tinyurl.com/2bsvgcy

School: Diocesan School for Girls

Creators: Louisa Gallie, Erikka Wooller, Pooja Kodakathi.


Intermediate Team

Winner Kiwi Karts

School: Chisnallwood Intermediate School

Creators: Louis Heriot, Brandon De Rose, Benjamin Pollock, Cody Fletcher, Stefan Seizov, Marsyle Scott, Matthew Thomas

“A truly impressive car-racing/item collection game. One of the most fun-to-play games in the entire competition, Intermediate level or not.”

Secondary Individual

Winner Glider School: Otahuhu College

Creator: Tomas Andersen

“Game of the competition. A brilliant 2D hangliding obstacle course/item collection game. Super cute visuals, fun game play, great level pacing - this game has it all!”

2nd place EMB - Extreme Mountain Biking

School: Ashburton College

Creator: Michael Ward 3rd place ProArcher

School: Samuel Marsden CollegiateCreator: Joshua Prow

Secondary Team

Winner Mystery Island

School: Samuel Marsden Collegiate

Creators: Joe Henshaw, Jack Blakely, Jack Barker

“Very impressive car-racing game! Multiple tracks to choose from. Good controls and fun! Even has a plot and turns into a platformer partway through the story mode.”

2nd place The Free-Running Game

School: Samuel Marsden Collegiate

Creators: Matthew, Tait and Liam 3rd place Rugby 2010

School: Kapiti CollegeCreators: David, Fergus and David