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Twice the awesomeness: LEGO Super Mario and Luigi make 2-player mode a reality
Wed, 23rd Jun 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

When LEGO announced that Luigi would be joining the Super Mario club this year there weren't too many details about how Luigi was going to work in Mario's world, but for some it was possibly the most obvious ‘secret' that LEGO has kept from the world this year.

Until now, that is. With the addition of Luigi, the excitement from the entire LEGO Super Mario world is doubled with the launch of two-player mode.

Brothers Mario and Luigi connect to each other and the app via Bluetooth, so players can team up (or play against each other) to take down enemies from each other's courses.

When Mario and Luigi team up with one another, they share rewards (and collect extra for syncing actions like flipping, jumping, and walking).

Luigi is entirely back-compatible with all of the Mario characters and sets, and he even works with the Power-Up packs.

And just like ‘real game life', Luigi is designed to be slightly taller than Mario, with different sound effects, and his own voice.

LEGO Super Mario creative lead Simon Kent says, “We're not only bringing LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi, their friends and enemies to life in new interactive ways for endless fun, we're also thrilled to expand their play experience and the LEGO Super Mario universe with even more new sets and characters, something we really hope will excite fans.

Luigi comes with his own starter course (just as Mario comes with his own course), new Power-Up packs, 10 new blind bags (character packs), and some new expansion sets with new added bosses.

The new range includes four expansion sets, which include:

  • Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower (71388)
  • Lakitu Sky World (71389)
  • Reznor Knockdown (71390)
  • Bowser's Airship (71391)

From my hands-on testing of Bowser's Airship, this could quite possibly be the most well-designed boss battle of them all, and it's quite challenging!

I won't spoil too much just yet, but the Bowser's Airship set includes a whole new start point that looks like a cannon. When Mario or Luigi starts their mission, they will not only play the Bowser's Airship theme song, they have a lot to do.

Players also get 90 seconds to find all of their attack points and take down Kamek, a Rocky Wrench, a Goomba, and the ship itself!  Not only are there coins aplenty but when Mario or Luigi become captain of the ship, let's just say the ‘swooshability' is real.

Lakitu Sky World is another action-packed set that requires players to work quite hard to topple Lakitu from its perch. When playing in 2-player mode, gameplay requires a lot of coordination, and hope that Mario (or Luigi) don't get knocked off their perches instead!

The expansion sets are designed in a way to support single player and two player mode so everyone can take on the challenge.

The Power-Up packs include Frog Mario (it allows Mario or Luigi to bounce around water), and Bee Mario (it allows Mario or Luigi to hover in the sky to score points).

We've covered the LEGO Super Mario kit here when it launched in 2020 – since then, Mario's world has become so much bigger and better.

All sets are available from 1 August.

  • The LEGO Super Mario Adventures of Luigi Starter Course (71387) is $89.99.
  • The Frog Mario and Bee Mario Power-Up packs (71392 and 71393, respectively) will retail for $15.99 each.
  • Lakitu Sky World Expansion Set: $69.99.
  • Boss Sump Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set: $59.99.
  • Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set: $119.99.
  • Bowser's Airship Expansion Set: $169.99.
  • Series 3 Character Packs (71394): $5.99 each.

Keen fans can also pre-order the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course and Bowser's Airship expansion pack from LEGO's website.

(Oh, and as for whether Princess Peach is coming soon? LEGO won't say a word.)

*Photo pictures the Bowser's Airship set - blue - white baseplates must be purchased separately.