13 Apr 2012
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Use real shouts in Skyrim with Kinect

Shouts in Skyrim are about to become a whole lot more real, with publishers Bethesda introducing a free update for Xbox 360 players featuring over 200 voice commands for Kinect.

The update will mean players can literally shout their ‘shouts’, as well as quickly change their equipment, issue follower commands, and more easily navigate menus.

Skyrim isn’t the first big game to incorporate voice commands, with Mass Effect 3 also including additional Kinect functionality (although the innovation was quickly forgotten in the furore over the game’s ending).

Bethesda has posted a video on the Skyrim website demonstrating the Kinect integration, and it looks pretty slick, although I’m not sure I’d be willing to use the shouts if there was anyone else in the room.

The update will be out later this month.

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