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Mon, 5th Nov 2012
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Vodafone has today launched Data Angel Overseas, branded as a revolutionary way of using data which not only slashes the cost of using a smartphone while travelling but also gives globe trotters certainty over their mobile bill while away.

The telco company says Data Angel Overseas is a global first, removing the fear of coming home to a scary data bill when overseas.

Prompting customers to purchase a data bundle for the country which they arrive in, customers can't use data without buying a data bundle and are notified when they have used 80% and 100%.

Once it’s run out, their data session stops and they are redirected to a free website where they can choose to buy more, or stop using data.

“What’s more, we’ve slashed the cost of data roaming with Data Angel Overseas,” says Becky Lloyd, GM of Business Marketing at Vodafone.

“Roaming in Australia – the most popular destination for New Zealand travellers – is now just $15 for a 100MB bundle.

"That’s a 70% saving at Vodafone’s previous best rate or from the next cheapest operator in the market, if you use your 100MB bundle versus using 100MB of casual data.”

“You can say goodbye to hotel Wi-Fi too.  There’s no need for confusing hotel Wi-Fi logins or their sky-high data rates, you don’t have to worry about the security of your sensitive information because you pay a rock-bottom rate for your data before you get started – plus you can use it wherever and whenever you like.

“We’re pleased to have solved a long running problem for travellers, while bringing them the best value in the market: it’s never been cheaper or easier to manage your data usage and phone bill while discovering the world.”