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Vodafone NZ to exclusively sell new Sony Xperia E3 smartphone

13 Oct 14

The Xperia E3 Sony smartphone is “eagerly awaited” and will be sold exclusively through Vodafone New Zealand.

An affordable option for young consumers, the phone is fun and colourful, bringing together the technology of past Sony smartphones along with new features. It's been designed with busy people who are on the go, with resilient corners, a scratch-resistant screen and a battery life of 2,330 mAh - which is 12 hours and 20 minutes of talk time and 7 hours and 27 minutes of video playback time.

Vodafone has snapped up the exclusive rights to sell the phone in New Zealand, beating out competitors such as Spark New Zealand and 2degrees. The Xperia E3 will initially be available in black for the RRP of $299. Alternatively, you can sign up for a $69 plan and get the phone for free with Vodafone NZ. The phone will eventually also be available in yellow, copper and white.

Sleek, lightweight and slim, this will round out the products available by Sony and fill the gap for young consumers who want a high quality device that doesn't break the bank. The phone has been promoted alongside images of young stylish individuals who are capturing moments of their day with the 5MP camera and connecting with such apps such as Social live.

With features such as creative camera apps, the smartphone is said to have “unmatched entertainment” and boasts a stylish design, has ultra-fast performance and 4G connectivity.

For more information, read up about the phone here.