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Watch this space… Windows for your wrist

16 Apr 2013

Strong rumours have surfaced this week that Microsoft is considering a foray into the Smart Watch market.

But with Apple, Samsung and Google already taking front row seats in the industry, is the software giant out of time and out of touch?

Reports from the Wall Street Journal says the company "is working on designs for a touch-enabled watch device."

Based on anonymous supplier sources, the Journal says: "Earlier this year, Microsoft asked suppliers in Asia to ship components for a potential watch-style device, the executives said.

"One executive said he met with Microsoft's research and development team at the software company's Redmond, Washington headquarters.

"But it's unclear whether Microsoft will opt to move ahead with the watch, they said."

Despite the company's future plans in doubt, Microsoft has history in the market after releasing the ill-fated SPOT Watch in 2004.

Even the celebrity appeal of the OC's Misha Barton at the time couldn't persuade customers it was a good idea, but nonetheless, the tech guys in Redmond clearly know how to make an interactive watch.

But if Microsoft do press ahead with Smart Watch plans, can they compete with Apple, Samsung and Google? And let us not forget, Sony already produces the devices.

The market is already overcrowded, and most would believe Microsoft is blindly pursuing hardware projects where it frankly doesn't belong.

While introducing a Smart Watch, capable of competing with hardware giants Apple and Samsung could prove an unwelcome distraction for the company, declining PC sales would suggest Microsoft needs a Plan B - potentially in the form of Windows on your wrist.

Should Microsoft enter the Smart Watch market? Can it compete? Tell us your thoughts below