08 Sep 2011
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Welcome to the SupaKiwi world

SupaKiwi is a game recently launched in AppStore that can be downloaded for free for the first four levels, or you can buy the full game for $1.29.

The awesome thing about this game, which sets it apart from all of the other apps floating around out there, is that it is completely Kiwi made with a uniquely Kiwi theme. The game uses a combination of vibrant graphics, great animation, five themes, 25 levels, six awards, hours of gameplay and exciting jump sequences to deliver a fun experience that calls on players’ logic, skills and smarts. The purpose of the game is to help the Kiwi navigate his way home, escaping the nasty possums along the way. Think of it as the Kiwi version of Angry Birds!

The themes cover all different environments – forest, rock, sand, ice and a surprise theme. The game is played by tilting your device to move back and forth and tapping on SupaKiwi to jump. A series of obstacles (such as mud pools, treacherous canyons, rocket-launching possums and potential starvation) keep things challenging and interesting, while thermal water pools and food give SupaKiwi the energy he needs to survive. 

For more information, check out supakiwi.com, and if you like what you see, show your support for the three Kiwi student's behind it by liking SupaKiwi on Facebook here.

UPDATE - The game is also available on the Android Market.

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