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Wellington Airport offers travellers a sneak peek of 5G

Tue, 3rd Dec 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Keen to try out 5G for free before it rolls out across the country? Now visitors to Wellington Airport can do just that, thanks to Vodafone.

From today, travellers can get a fleeting experience of 5G by connecting to a Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway device.

The trial uses the 3.5GHz spectrum and will run until December 9. But the trial is far from fully-fledged – only five users can connect to the 5G device and only for five minutes at a time.

Users need to have a Wi-Fi enabled device and be near the 5G stand located in the centre of the main terminal opposite gate 18.

Simply connect to ‘Free 5G WLG' with the password ‘Vodafone5G'. Users will be logged off after five minutes so another traveller can give it a go before their flight.

“We wanted to give travellers the chance to try out our live 5G network before we officially switch it on across parts of the country. This free trial to test 5G over WiFi will enable passengers to download their favourite content at super-fast speeds,” says Vodafone New Zealand technology director Tony Baird.

He adds that fixed wireless will be one of the key uses of 5G, so this trial showcases 5G's potential.

“We expect people will be able to download a TV show potentially up to 10 times faster than they could over a 4G connection, or load a web page almost instantly over 5G without buffering or lag. This means they'll have plenty of time to download an episode of their favourite TV series to watch on their flight.

Vodafone says that due to 5G's faster speeds, low latency and increased capacity, it is able to support smart airports as well as better connected cars, businesses, schools and homes.

Wellington Airport spokesperson Greg Thomas adds that the airport is always looking for ways to enhance the traveller experience.

“Having access to a fast and reliable mobile connection is becoming ever more important, especially for business travellers looking to stay in touch with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

“We're pleased to partner with Vodafone to offer Wellington Airport visitors the chance to try 5G before the network is officially switched on,” Thomas adds.

Tony Baird says that Vodafone is looking forward to turning on its commercial 5G network very soon.

Vodafone New Zealand will soon be launching 5G in parts of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown

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