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We're working on a tablet: Nokia exec

16 Mar 2012

Four months since the head of Nokia in France dropped a hint about entering the tablet market, the company’s Finnish design chief has admitted he spends about a third of his time working on a tablet project.

Nokia’s Marko Ahtisaari dropped the news in an interview with Finnish magazine Kauppalehti Optio, although he didn’t say anything about whether the tablet would be running Windows 8, the forthcoming operating system from Microsoft.

For its part, Nokia HQ told media that Nokia has made no specific announcements, but continues to ‘eye the tablet space with interest’.

It’s understandable that the company remains coy given that there’s still no release date for Windows 8.

However, with previews for both developers and consumers already out, everything seems to be on track at Microsoft’s end, which means there’s every chance the collaboration could be launched before the end of the year.