22 Mar 2011
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Wife said No, Apple said Yes

Apparently Apple is paying very close attention to all iPad 2 returns during these first few crucial weeks of launch. 

While there have been a few reports of light-bleeding backlights, here’s one particular story that caught our eye. 

One US customer returned his iPad 2 with a sticky note on it that simply read, "Wife said no.”

The story goes that a couple of Apple execs got wind of the note and sent the man a free, replacement iPad 2 with a sticky on it that said, "Apple said yes”. 

Almost as entertaining as the thought of the wife’s response to the note, are the comments in this Cult Of Mac story that have transcended into a discussion of whether or not the marriage should continue. 

Would you make your other half return an iPad 2 if you didn't agree with the expenditure? 

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