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Up your VR immersion - get more than just the goggles

14 Jun 2017

With massive titles like DOOM and Fallout 4 announcing VR versions coming out soon, it may be time to invest in the right headgear for when you’re prancing around your lounge immersed in some virtual carnage.

If you happen to be a Playstation fan, Plantronics have got you sorted. They aim to supplement your VR experience with the latest in immersive sound experiences.

RIG 4VR hopes to be your go to headset for Playstation VR, designed specifically to improve immersion when playing.

No one wants to feel like they’re just standing awkwardly with goggles on and waving sticks around, they want to really dive into the virtual world.

Plantronics gaming products director Jack Reynold says they’ve been working hard to combine comfort with compatibility.

“At Plantronics, we've been working with a variety of VR accessories and game developers to create audio solutions that can be worn comfortably while delivering the positional audio queues critical for VR.”

The headset boasts a light, flexibleand interchangeable cables for easy use with PS4 controllers. Plantronics assures their earcups are like no other for comfort.


  • Personalisation - The RIG 4VR can be customised with any RIG 500 series accessories.
  • Flexibility - Interchangeable 3.5mm audio connectors compatible with other console controllers.
  • Audio - Enhanced bass while retaining sound accuracy. 40mm drivers and low-frequency resonators.
  • Voice - Removable, flip-to-mute boom with noise cancelling microphone.
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