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Augmented Reality news stories - Page 2

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Spark 5G helps to bring art to live in Dunedin
Dunedin Central has entered a new reality - an augmented reality that brings local street art to life.
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AR, VR and 3D tech boost consumer confidence in online purchases - report
The report found that 47% of global consumers acknowledged that immersive technologies made them feel more connected with products while shopping online.
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Mixed Reality / MR
Global augmented reality market to hit $20 billion by 2030
With improvements in technology and design, augmented reality and mixed reality will continue to grow to a market of over $20Bn by 2030. 
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Smart Glasses
AVR Lab named exclusive distributor for AR glasses OEM
The company has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Vuzix smart glasses products to the Australian and New Zealand markets.
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Health and safety
AVR Lab to resell AR/VR hygiene solutions in A/NZ
As use of AR and VR in industry grows, AVR Lab is providing products to ensure that devices are kept sanitary between each use.
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Microsoft Teams
RealWear expands A/NZ reach with VExpress
RealWear provides a purpose-built hands-free wearable device that can be used in extremely noisy industrial environments.
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CareAR integrates AR support solution with ServiceNow
CareAR is an augmented reality visual support platform that helps enterprises add AR capabilities to their service experience.
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HPE rolls out AI-based sensor tech to help firms return to work
HPE has developed a new range of technology-based return-to-work solutions designed to control the spread of infectious viruses such as COVID-19.
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Alternative reality growing in popularity with enterprise customers
Alternative reality is set to become more popular with enterprise customers as immersive technologies open up more opportunities for businesses.
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Technology trends
AR and VR shipments slow due to COVID-19 pandemic
Key findings are that it will cause manufacturing delays, reduce the overall demand and at the same time increase enterprise and consumer demand while more businesses and individuals look to invest in telepresence and content.
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Edge Computing
Corporate Australia must invest in smart technology now
Smart technology is playing a critical role in the business community's response to adjusting to new social and industry norms. 
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Remote Working
IDC: AR/VR market will still see eventual growth in 2020
AR and VR headsets will see shipments decline in the near term due to COVID-19, but the long-term outlook is positive, according to IDC.
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Apple's new iPad Pro features LiDAR tech for immersive AR
LiDAR is essentially depth-sensing technology, and Apple says the scanner is able to measure the distance between the iPad and objects around it that are up to five metres away. 
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How DXC is using AR/VR tech for enterprise
DXC integrates augmented reality technology for research and training at water treatment leader Ixom.
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Revealed: Top gaming trends as industry grows rapidly
Report reveals the maturing of cloud technologies and 5G will help cloud gaming become a major global market.
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APAC leads the way for 28bn virtual reality market
GlobalData’s Market Opportunity Forecasts Model on VR reveals that the global VR market revenue is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13% from an estimated US$7bn in 2018 to US$28bn in 2030.
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OPPO outlines $10b vision for smart device innovation
Oppo has outlined a $10 billion roadmap to developing an ecosystem of smart devices that will drive 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, and augmented reality technologies.
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Business Continuity
Motorola develops mission-critical tech for Australia's emergency services
Australian organisations are facing challenges such as threats to business continuity, growing costs and resource constraints, and threats to community safety.
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New virtual reality training tech makes its way to Kiwi firefighters
The new training technology, developed by a university academic, helps prepare firefighters for complex and unsafe scenarios which are difficult to reproduce using traditional training methods.
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2K Games
Vault Hunters: Prepare for a Bloody Harvest in Borderlands 3
Vault Hunters, it’s time to let the skeletons out of the closet, equip some mean guns and get ready for a Spooktacular update to Borderlands 3.
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Feeling it: Robotic arms a step closer to expressing touch
Researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom have come up with a way to turn robotic arms into moving, feeling devices that provide touch feedback.
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New tech makes up 25% of US$1.7 trillion consumer spending
Consumer spending on technology is forecast to reach US$1.69 trillion in 2019 with a quarter coming from emerging technologies such as VR/AR.
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Machine learning
Melbourne uni researchers at the forefront of forensics technology
Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne Australia are working with industry professionals to develop technology that will help forensic investigators to track bullet paths in shooting victims.
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Tertiary education
Aussie uni utilises AR and VR to discover the human body
Students studying anatomy at La Trobe University are utilising digital technologies as opposed to textbooks to learn about the human body.