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3M unveils world's first self-charging headset at CES 2024
Thu, 4th Jan 2024

3M will premier the world's first self-charging communications headset at CES 2024. The product, capable of transforming both outdoor and indoor light into continuous electrical energy, aims to radically reduce reliance on single-use batteries. The innovative technology was introduced by 3M Company on 3rd January 2024.

The pioneering headset uses the patented solar cell technology, Powerfoyle, to recharge its in-built lithium-ion battery. This eliminates the need for disposable batteries and allows the device to charge persistently regardless of whether the user is working outdoors in daylight or indoors under artificial lighting.

Peter Berghamn, business director of 3M PELTOR, believes the technology provides a breakthrough for the industry. "This technology is a real game-changer," Berghamn said. "3M is relentlessly focused on inventing for tomorrow, and the advanced engineering and materials science woven into these headsets has created a perfect blend of performance, design, protection, and sustainability. Our 3M PELTOR brand, with more than 70 years of experience in communications equipment, has pushed to offer an ever-evolving range of product solutions to meet customers' needs."

Swedish tech firm Exeger worked alongside 3M to optimise the Powerfoyle solar cells using 3M's film technology. This manufacturing process is powered by 100% clean energy at Exeger's two Stockholm locations. "I am extremely proud to see this world's first brought to market by 3M," said Giovanni Fili, CEO and founder of Exeger. "The environmental benefits of replacing single-use batteries alone will have a significant positive impact for the industry and help set a new standard in convenience and sustainability."

Additional advanced features are integrated into 3M PELTOR WS ALERT XPV Headset, including a noise-cancelling microphone and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless communication in noisy workplaces. It incorporates a Push-to-Listen (PTL) function, enabling users to hear surrounding sounds without removing the headset. The settings can be easily adjusted with glove-friendly push buttons, while the associated 3M Connected Equipment app permits the user to modify settings and track solar cell energy levels.

Furthermore, a commitment to sustainability is evident in the product design with the headset partly produced from recycled plastics and electronics. The product also features Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates to extend the product's lifetime. This groundbreaking self-charging headset is set to be available for purchase in March 2024, promising to offer a sustainable alternative to currently available headset models.

CES 2024 will be held over four days next week, starting on Tuesday, January 9 and finishing up on Friday, January 12 2024.