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Android App of the Week - MTV

Now, there are many great places to get all your news from. Tech news from Techday. Stuff. The Herald.

But what is missing from these news sites? Lots and lots of celebrity gossip, err sorry news.

MTV News is a sweet app the gives you all the latest buzz on music, TV and movies, and celebrities.

Here in New Zealand we get MTV Australia, and the app is filled with only relevant stuff we’re currently watching on the MTV channel here.

The app is as easy to use as anything – lots of headlines that you can scroll through for days, and simply tap on the things that interest you.

There are different categories you can scroll through too – News, Galleries and Videos. Each headline will open up an entire news story that is fitted perfectly to your screen size, right there in the palm of your hand. Celebrity gossip awesomeness.

The site is updated all the time throughout the day so you’ll be able to get up-to-date, breaking news, as well as being able to search for the latest news on your favourite actor, musician or TV show.

You can also share news stories that have caught your eye too, which is great if you have friends as obsessed with certain shows or people as you are.

It’s also great to have a handy celeb gossip app right there on your phone, especially if your work place blocks all those sites on your work computer!

Really it’s just another awesome thing to give you something to do on the loo, the bus, or when you’re trying to block out annoying people’s conversations.