19 Oct 2011
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Details sparse for RIM’s new platform

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has announced a new operating system, dubbed BBX, at its developer conference, although the company hasn’t indicated when it may be released.

RIM co-founder and CEO Mike Lazardis told the conference that BBX will combine the best of its current operating system and QNX, the OS it purchased in April last year.

However, RIM is running out of time to arrest its decline in the market, and announcing a new OS with no firm release dates won’t do much to garner interest, especially with the likes of iOS 5, Ice Cream Sandwich and Mango all hitting the market.

The other big announcement was the introduction of a developer beta for the BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0, including tools to enable developers to repackage Android applications for the BlackBerry tablet.

What do you think of the announcement? Will a new OS make you consider a BlackBerry? Post your comments below.

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